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Transformer plant produces cast resin transformers and oil immersed transformers:

Cast resin transformers

Dry cast  resin transformers are designed with capacity range of 25 to 2500 kVA. These are the largest range of this kind of equipment offered on Russian market. The transformers of the Transformer Company have high degree of reliability due thorough observance of production procedures which is fully corresponding with the world standards. These transformers can
be operated at temperature ranges of -250 C to +400C. The products of the Transformer Company are fire safe and environmentally friendly. The transformers have compact design, easy installed and require minimum maintenance during the whole 25 years service life. These features allow them to be installed in hospitals, banks, residentials and industrial facilities.

Capacity                                                                    25÷2500kVA
Rated high voltage                                                      (6, 10kV) ±2×2,5 %
Rated low voltage                                                       400V
Class of electric equipment voltage                              10kV
Material of HV and LV windings                                   Aluminum
Partial discharge factor                                               ≤30 pC
Class of thermal classification                                     F (155ºС)
Class of fire-resistance                                               F1
Class of environmental safety                                      E2
Temperature of operation, transportation and storage     -25 … +40ºС
Service life                                                                 25 years
Warranty period                                                          3 years

Oil immersed transformers

Oil immersed transformers are well proved themselves as transformers for work in separately standing substations. HITECH Group plant produces oil transformers with capacity of 630 to 1600кVA.

For operation in mega cities the Russian experts have especially developed oil transformers of high reliability. They are compact and withstand overloads.

Capacity                                                                    630÷1600kVA
Rated high voltage                                                      (6, 10kV) ±2×2,5 %
Rated low voltage                                                       400V
Class of electric equipment voltage                              10kV
Material of HV/LV windings                                         Copper/aluminum
Class of thermal classification                                     B (105ºС)
Temperature of operation, transportation and storage     -45 … +40ºС
Service life                                                                 25 years
Warranty period                                                         3 years

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